Updated COVID-19 Attendance Policy

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    Invisibilia | 1,000 Moons

    Please note: The gallery will be closed June 5-21 as we prepare for our next exhibition. 

    Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday noon-6 pm.

    Upcoming exhibitions:

    June 22 – August 13
    Sandra Honda, Mei-Ling Lee, and Jefferson Goolsby
    Examining Asian/American identities through photographic journals, mixed media, multimedia and performances, three Oregon artists, Sandra Honda, Mei-ling Lee, and Jefferson Goolsby, share insights and perceptions of historical and contemporary experiences. Weaving together personal and imagined stories of daily life, family, trauma, and generational grief from mass incarceration of people of Japanese ancestry, the works portray beautiful and haunting details of loss and displacement. Exploring how people navigate identity in an ever-shifting cultural landscape, the creative works question beliefs, and assumptions while offering opportunities to view the world differently.

    1,000 Moons
    June 22 – August 13
    Emily Jung Miller – emerging artist
    In the months after her grandparents’ deaths from COVID, Emily Jung Miller struggled to stay grounded, and the understanding of time became distorted and unreal. As a connection to both grandparents, and to the natural cycles of time, Miller hand-formed 40 oversize sheets of paper with kelp, sheet music, and other materials linked to their history. Cutting the sheets to create a total of 1,175 collaged ‘moons’, Miller represented each full moon in her grandmother’s 94 years of life. Stringing the moons together to form a meditative corridor of time, the installation creates a physical pathway of memories, allowing viewers a visual and physical path or remembrance for all who have lost, and recall how many moons we saw together.

    For inquiries and submissions please email gallery@thereser.org.

    Download information about upcoming exhibitions HERE.