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    \ Artist Reception & Social Engagement
    The Reser Presents
    Artist Reception & Social Engagement
    The Reser Presents

    Artist Reception & Social Engagement

    Date January 05, 2024 6:00pm Pricing FREE

    Emerging artists from around the state spark creative conversation in a diverse range of concepts, media, and stylistic explorations. Come join The Reser as we ring in the new year with a celebratory reception on Friday, January 5th from 6 – 9 pm. Artists will be in attendance to share their work, concepts, techniques, and give viewers an opportunity to discover new dialogues from these creative voices.

    Guests are invited to join PNCA graduate student, Jessica Joner as she features a participatory community engagement element to her installation Of What Was. Contributions to the work throughout the exhibition will continue in the upper Murdock gallery throughout the entire exhibition.

    Of What Was…

    Of What Was is a display of table settings that were used to host a gathering of people for a meal.  This event came about shortly after the end of the global pandemic as the artist and others renewed a passion for the value of personal community building and social connections. Dinner guests wrote statements identifying important aspects of community, that later the artists embroidered.

    As a way to extend the community engagement and connections, small cloth napkins will be provided for guests to respond to the prompt: What is your favorite part of sharing a meal with friends?  The artist will embroider responses and add them to the installation throughout.

    Image: Of What Was by Jessica Joner

    List of Artists:

    • Ondrea Bell
    • Katherine Curry
    • Jamie Dang
    • Kelsey Davis Hamilton
    • Megita Denton
    • Alexandra Easton
    • Noelle Herceg
    • Jessica Joner
    • Tanner Lind
    • Conner Mowery
    • Ilsa Payne
    • Rae Sheridan
    • Eliza Williams
    • Hali Wilmunnson
    • Leah Yao