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    \ Remo HealthRHYTHMS®
    The Reser Presents
    Remo HealthRHYTHMS®
    The Reser Presents

    Remo HealthRHYTHMS®

    Date April 13, 2024 10:00am Pricing $25

    Leading the way in the use of Rhythm. HealthRHYTHMS® is a research-based group drumming program developed over 20 years ago through the interdisciplinary collaboration of experts in Neuroscience, Music Therapy, and Recreational Music Making.

    Register for the entire Remo HealthRHYTHMS® series before April 6th for $80. You can register for individual classes online or drop in for $25 per class. Register for the 4-class series here.

    Register for individual classes in this series here:

    April 13
    April 20
    April 27

    A signed waiver is required to attend these classes.

    Drums will be provided. If you prefer to use personal instrument, you are welcome to bring a small percussion item like a djembe, frame drum, or shaker.

    Our facilitators do their best to keep the volume of the drumming experience at a decibel that is enjoyable and soothing.

    Please feel free to bring protective covering for the ears of those in your party that may be sensitive to louder sounds.

    Scholarships are available. Please email Aaron Nigel Smith for more information.

    The Reser’s Education and Community Program’s Mission: The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts Education and Community Program’s mission is to awaken creativity in all of us by providing access to exceptional arts learning experiences to lifelong learners, students, educators, and families in our community.

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