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    \ Ron Artis II & Thunderstorm Artis
    The Reser Presents
    Ron Artis II & Thunderstorm Artis
    The Reser Presents

    Ron Artis II & Thunderstorm Artis

    Date December 08, 2022 7:30pm Pricing $30 – $40

    Ron Artis II

    Ron Artis II is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Hawaii among an exceptionally musical family. The second oldest of 10 other siblings, Ron was surrounded by artists and musicians daily. In fact, growing up, Ron thought it was weird that everybody else didn’t have ten siblings running around with them every day. They even had an “Artis Family Band” and when they weren’t off painting, at the beach, they were learning their instruments.

    Full band, trio or solo, Ron has performed and collaborated with Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), Jack Johnson, Jake Shimabukuro, Booker T Jones, Eric Krasno (Soulive, Lettuce) and G Love among others. If this wasn’t a rich line-up of names, go spend a few moments reading the lyrics to Ron’s songs. Each song is laced with intention, deep conviction, story, and a heart that has truly been there. It makes sense why Ron is often heard talking [and singing] about “walking the walk.” “I really try to write music that can be helpful not only for our generation, but for life in general.

    Ron has been married to his beautiful wife Julia for 9 years and counting. They have 4 lovely [and musically inclined] daughters, with a fifth on the way! If you’ve been to one of Ron’s shows, then you may have had the immense pleasure of seeing a daughter or two take to the stage with her father. In fact, being on the road is a family affair. Ron comments, “It’s so easy to lose touch with life and lose touch with the things that inspired you originally to write music and do things. I can walk off stage at a festival with tons of people having a great time, and then I go backstage and change my daughter’s diaper! It keeps life really in perspective of what’s important — I really enjoy this … They really keep me grounded and keep my heart full.

    With 4 studio albums, 60+ songs, 1000s of flights, 100,000s of diapers, and 15 countries, Ron and his family [full band included] continue to live by preparation and faith. Holding each day and person they meet as with immense privilege, not to be taken for granted, they look forward to meeting and delighting audiences around the world.

    Thunderstorm Artis

    Thunderstorm learned at a very young age to play piano, guitar, harp and percussion from his father Ron Artis and mother Victoria. Ron was a Motown session player who played keyboards on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” His mother Victoria was also a member of the Motown family, touring as a vocalist with Lena Horne, and many other Motown greats. Thunderstorm is a featured artist at the Wanderlust Festivals throughout North America and currently tours solo. He has toured for many years with his brother Ron Artis II, who is one of the hottest guitar players out there today. Thunderstorm has also played with Jack Johnson, Booker T, and Mike Love. Thunderstorm’s music crosses many genres including Folk, Rock, Soul and Country. At his concerts he has been known to jump into Bowie, Beatles, Elton John and a heart wrenching version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

    No matter what Thunderstorm sings or writes he does it from his heart. His life experience has given him plenty of material to share. Thunderstorm does not consider his music as notes on a page but rather a window into his heart. He believes that through his music he can make our world a better place by lifting the hearts of others. Thunderstorm’s upbeat music and infectious smile bring people to their feet at every stop.

    Reser Presents performances no longer require masks for entry. While face masks are no longer mandatory, they are highly encouraged.
    In addition, COVID-19 vaccine proof is no longer a condition of entry.

    Performance runtime:
    First: Set 60 min
    Intermission: 20 min
    Second Set: 90 min

    Sponsored by TriMet.

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