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    puff (rearviewmirorball), 2021
    Steel, mirrored PMMA, electronics, pigment.
    Artists: Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew, Muse Atelier.
    Located at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts Plaza at Crescent Street.

    puff (rearviewmirorball) conflates the theatrical exuberance of a mirror ball, the cultural references of the rearview mirror, and the dreaminess and ephemerality of a dandelion puff. puff is rooted in ideas of nature, culture, and artifice.

    This lyrical sculpture, which conflates imagery of familiar objects and organic form, is poignant, playful, contemplative, and celebratory. puff celebrates people coming together to delight in a shared moment—the moment we are transfixed by performance. puff asks us to reflect on what is behind us, what is around us, and to dream about what lies ahead.

    This artwork was made possible by the generosity of The Reser Family Foundation, and through the City of Beaverton 1% for Art Program.