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    \ Rental Process


    All facility rentals are subject to availability.

    Usage must occur between the hours of 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM. Hourly rental charges will apply outside of those hours, and/or after 12 hours of usage.  All usage time needs to include load-in, set up and break down.

    All tickets for public events must be sold through The Reser box office.

    A non-refundable facility fee of $4 will be added to the price of every ticket, including consignment and complimentary tickets. This fee per attendee is required for free events.  The facility fees will be retained by The Reser to fund facility repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

    Additional charges also apply, including house management staff, technical supervisors, and stagehands, as well as equipment rental.

    Rental rates include the use of tables and chairs and platforms as required.

    Rates subject to change without notice. Effective February 2022.


    A public event is defined as an event open and promoted to the  public, where any member of the public may attend.  Each attendee at a public event will require a ticket to gain entry.

    A private event is defined as an event promoted to a select group of attendees, or to an invited list of attendees.  Attendees of private events do not require tickets
    A Non-profit organization is one which holds an IRS 501(c)(3) designation.

    Government entities and public agencies may receive the benefit of non-profit rates.
    Community member – Defined as any member of the public who rents as an individual, not as a nonprofit organization or for-profit entity (LLC, S-Corp or Sole-proprietor).

    Basic Rental Policies:

    All facility rentals are subject to schedule availability, which will depend on The Reser’s programming, available staff, and prior commitments.

    All times must include load-in, setup, break down, and load out.

    Full Day Rate is from 8:00am – 11:00pm.  Hourly charges will apply outside of these hours.

    All public performances must be ticketed.

    All ticketed performances must be sold through The Reser’s box office.
    Nonprofit theater rental rates are based on the number of seats utilized by the client
    Additional charges also apply, including house management, box office, technical staff, stage labor, and equipment rental.

    Organizations must hold a current IRS 501(c)(3) designation to be eligible for nonprofit rates.

    Rates are subject to change.

    All policies set forth in this document are incorporated by reference in The Reser’s User Agreement.

    Insurance requirements will be stipulated in The User Agreement.

    Staffing Your Event:

    PRCA staff is required at all functions and must be on-site to supervise through load-in, setup, event, strike, and clean up. Standard staffing charges are listed in an addendum to the Rental agreement and will be clearly detailed in the Event Cost Estimate.

    Additional Staffing Requirements:

    House Manager: For all public events and any events in the Mainstage Theater, a House Manager must be present throughout the time the public is in the facility, as well as for at least one hour before and after.  For events that will also use the Balcony Level, two House Managers may be required.

    Ushers: Trained volunteer ushers will be provided at no cost if available on the day of the event.  If not, a minimum of one paid usher per theater entry door will be required.

    Coat Check: Staffing for one hour before and after the event only if coat check service is requested by client.  The coat check also serves as a checkout location for assisted listening devices.

    Box Office: A minimum of one manager and one ticket office associate will be required for all ticketed events, for two hours prior and until the conclusion of the event.  Manager may be required for two hours following the event for same-day reconciliation and settlement at Client’s request.

    Production Labor: Two (2) house production personnel are required for a minimum of 4 hours for each event utilizing the stage during the load-in and load-out. Two (2) house production personnel are required for a minimum of two hours each for each event that utilizes the entire building, excluding the stage. One (1) house production person is required for a minimum of 1 hour for each event that utilizes the lab, pavilion room, courtyard, or lobby to assist with set-ups.  If additional labor is required, the client may utilize their own labor, or 3rd party labor supplier, if those individuals have demonstrated proficiency with the house equipment required for the event.

    Additional Labor requirements:  Labor for any special set-ups for stage, seating areas, rehearsals, lobbies, special custodial services, additional security necessary (as solely determined by The Reser’s staff), or extra labor required to restore the facility to the basic conditions needed to resume regular program activity. Every effort will be made to anticipate additional labor requirements in the Event Cost Estimate, but The Reser reserves the right to provide for unanticipated needs at client’s expense if it determines that the safety of the public or the post-event condition of the facility so require.

    Ticket Sales:

    Tickets are required for all public events in the Mainstage Theater.
    All tickets must be sold by and through  The Reser Box Office.

    A non-refundable facility fee of $4 will be added to the price of every ticket, including consignments, comps, and group orders. The facility fees are not part of event revenue and will be retained by PRCA to fund facility repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

    The Reser will list all public events on its website and tickets will be available for purchase in person, online, or by phone.  All Client advertising about its events should include ticket prices and fees, and direct potential purchasers to The Reser’s website and list the phone number of The Reser’s Box office. All advertised pricing for client events shall include either the full price of the transaction, including the facility fee, or the following language: “a facility fee of $4 per ticket applies to all sales.”

    Catering Policies:

    The Reser can offer a limited bar selection for your event.  Please work with our Director of Production and Operations and Operations Manager  to put together a bar and/or catering plan.

    The Reser holds a liquor license.

    No outside alcohol is permitted.

    All alcohol for rental events must be ordered from your Event Manager in advance.

    All bars must close no later than one half hour prior to the scheduled end of the event.

    There is a $200 minimum for hosted bars for the first hour and $150 for every additional hour.

    All donated liquor must follow the guidelines set forth by Oregon State liquor laws.

    All cash bar proceeds will remain with The Reser.


    All food service must be approved in advance by The Reser and must conform to The Reser’s catering policy.  Caterers must be selected from a list of The Reser approved vendors.

    Cooking stations are not permitted inside the facility at any time.

    Parking and Access:

    Public parking for patrons, performers, and client event staff is available in the adjacent, paid, parking structures, although we encourage carpooling to reduce carbon emissions and congestion.  Performers and event staff may not park along SW Crescent Street adjacent to The Reser.  Access to the loading dock must be coordinated and approved in advance and it may not be used to park private autos at any time.

    Backstage access for performers and crew is available through the stage door at the southwest corner of the building, just to the left of the Art Gallery.

    Public Health Policies:

    The health and safety of our patrons, clients, staff, and volunteers is our first priority.  The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts is committed to ensuring that our clients and their patrons and supporters enjoy an exceptional event experience by enforcing policies, protocols, and procedures designed to create a safe environment for all.  The recent Covid 19 pandemic has reinforced the need for strict adherence to public health advisories. Please refer to the Public Health Policies Addendum to your rental contract for complete information.

    Click HERE to download our Rental Rates and Policies Sheet.

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